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Platform Stilettos Womens UK Bandage Leather Black 3 1TO9 Boots Spikes 5 MMS04223 1qIwOdnxE Platform Stilettos Womens UK Bandage Leather Black 3 1TO9 Boots Spikes 5 MMS04223 1qIwOdnxE

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There are several ways to get started with Bulma-extensions. You can either:

  1. Use npm to install the global Bulma-extensions package (which includes all the extensions)
  2. Use npm to install Bulma-extension individually
  3. Use the GitHub repository to get the latest development version

Each extension contains a dist folder which includes all available files for integration into your project (example for Calendar extension):

  • bulma-calendar.js
  • bulma-calendar.min.js
  • bulma-calendar.sass
  • bulma-calendar.min.css
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You can find npm package information related to a specific extension by clicking on the npm tag in the top right of each documentation page.

Installation #


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Use MMS04223 Leather Black 3 Stilettos Spikes UK Womens 5 1TO9 Boots Platform Bandage NPM to install all extensions:

This package gathers all extensions in one package.

MMS04223 Leather Stilettos Bandage Black Platform Womens 3 Spikes 5 Boots 1TO9 UK npm install bulma-extensions
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Use GitHub repository:

To integrate Bandage Platform Black Spikes Leather UK MMS04223 Stilettos 5 Boots 3 Womens 1TO9 all extensions use following command.
git clone git://
To integrate the calendar extension use following command.
git clone git://

Integration #

Once installed the integration process depends on the way you installed the package and your project configuration.

You will find examples below based on most projects' common configurations

Bulma must be included first before you include bulma-extensions
Ladies Wedge Strap Womens Soft High Bow Toe Platform Curved Trim Nude qSSzrBtw following Bulma's documentation
  • Under the sass folder, create a new folder called extensions
  • In this new folder, create a new file named bulma-calendar.sass
  • Copy the code from the bulma-calendar repository's sass file (Leather Boots Ladies Comfort wdjjjnnnv Shoes Hollow Ankle block Warm 40 chunky Flat Casual heel Lined shoelace Harness FqIxET) into your new file
  • In the same folder create a new file _all.sass (this is not required, but will help when you add more extensions)
  • In this file add this code:
    @charset "utf-8"
    // Import Calendar extension @import Bandage Spikes 1TO9 5 UK MMS04223 Leather Boots Black 3 Womens Platform Stilettos 'bulma-calendar.sass'
  • Open your main application's sass file and add the following line:

    @charset "utf-8"
    // Import Bulma core Black Leather 1TO9 3 5 Womens Boots Platform Stilettos UK MMS04223 Spikes Bandage @import 'bulma.sass'
    // Import Extensions @import "sass/extensions/_all"
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    Each extension now integrates Gulp and 12cm Shoes Camel up Handmade Womens Boots Heel Fashion High Large Cross Winter Kolnoo Size Lace Party qtFx6wAW to automate build tasks and JavaScript code transpilation.

    Compile SASS to CSS

    gulp build:styles

    Compile and Transpile JavaScript

    You can use the following options

    gulp build:scripts --jsFormat umd --babelTarget "latest 2 versions"

    Build the whole project

    gulp build

    or use the following shortcut


    Need an extension? #

    Are you looking for a specific extension that you feel is missing but you did not find it?

    Don't hesitate to send me a request by Wedge Orchid Toepost Vionic Women's Park White WqYfIEf on my GitHub repository.